My Night With “The Womanizer”

When you think of a womanizer, what comes to mind? Probably some cold-hearted Casanova from your past who dates around, sleeps around and leaves your heart just as empty as your bed. The first time I heard whispers about The Womanizer and the amazing orgasms it provided, I thought “Here we go again. Another jerk who is great in bed and even better at disappearing. Thanks, but no thanks.”

Imagine my surprise when the pleasure-provider in question was not a man at all, but an innovative, German-engineered clitoral stimulator. This Womanizer is USB rechargeable, made of body-safe silicone and promises an entirely new masturbatory experience. It won’t break your heart or suck out your soul. It will suck your clitoris, but we’ll get to that later!

One of the first things you notice on the Womanizer box is the decree “100% Lust & Gutes Gefuhl” (roughly translated: “100% lust & good feelings”). Now I’ve yet to see a vibrator with a 100% pleasure guarantee, which made me skeptical. I mean, if a company can guarantee orgasms, why wouldn’t every woman buy this product? And if it really works, would any woman leave her house again? Is this the beginning of the end? I couldn’t wait to find out for myself!

Why The Womanizer Is In a League of Its Own

This is not your run-of-the-mill vibrator. In fact, it really isn’t a vibrator at all. The Womanizer is all about unique indirect clitoral stimulation. And by unique, I mean the exact kind of clitoral stimulation that many women require (and desire) to achieve orgasm, because the Womanizer doesn’t actually have contact with your clitoris.

Huh? You’re thinking. No contact? Let me explain. Many women are sensitive to direct stimulation, especially in those early stages of getting down to business, which is why I advise men to not go directly for the clitoris until their partner has had time to warm up.

Instead of providing direct stimulation to the clitoris, as most vibrators tend to do, the Womanizer has a sucking tip that places as much or as little pressure on your love button as you desire. It has five different intensity settings, letting you control the amount of suction for a perfectly personalized experience.

Get Ready to be Womanized

Unlike other sex toys you may have encountered, the Womanizer is truly effortless. You do not have to grind against it, mount it, or give yourself a dead arm trying to get off. You simply lie back with your legs open, align the oval opening of the silicone head with your clitoris, hit the power button and wait for the magic. You might have to apply some light pressure at first to make sure that your clitoris is fully “absorbed” into the device, but once you find the perfect position for it, get ready for fireworks!

The Womanizer provides a completely new and different type of stimulation, comparable to receiving oral sex from a skilled partner. At a lower intensity, it feels like gentle kisses against your clitoris; as you increase the power, it starts to feel more like a firm sucking.

I’m usually a power girl. When I get a sex toy, I crank it up to maximum speed to see what it’s working with, but I only made it to level 2 (out of 5!) with the Womanizer before I was knocking out multiple O’s. I was impressed with how quickly and easily this toy was able to get me turned on, while still being so gentle and not intrusive. From the minute I hit that power button, I was IN. A handful of orgasms later, I knew I was hooked.

If you’re looking for a pleasure product that is effective and efficient, The Womanizer needs to be the next addition to your goodie drawer. It has one goal and one goal only, to provide you with intense and speedy orgasms, which it does exquisitely. Even if you don’t orgasm the first time, you will still enjoy the pleasurable sucking sensations! I would recommend this toy to any on-the-go, orgasm-loving lady, or really anyone with a clitoris and 15 minutes to kill. 100% lust and good feelings, guaranteed!

About The Author

Dr. Emily Morse

Emily Morse is a sexologist with a doctorate in human sexuality, and is the host of the top downloaded podcast, Sex With Emily. Emily is cofounder of Emily & Tony, the author of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight, and a weekly cohost of Loveline With Dr. Drew Pinsky.




At the beginning of October I attended the eroFame adult B2B show in Hannover, Germany. This annual event is a great place to meet clients both old and new and for companies to showcase their latest products.

And I almost missed out on the Womanizer from German company epi24. I had seen this clitoral stimulator briefly as I passed the stand on my first day at the show and dismissed it as being a little too blingy to be any good.

Just how wrong could I be?

Had I not decided during a quiet spot in the afternoon of the second day to take a look at the Womanizer I would have missed out on what appears to be the most innovative product of the whole show!

The company are so sure that this clitoral stimulator will satisfy that they give a 100% orgasm guarantee – or your money back. Now, that’s some claim, especially for a new company.

I couldn’t resist the challenge, after all I have been product testing and reviewing for over 7 years now so I know what I like. ;)

Unlike other vibrators the Womanizer works on a new technology which appears to “suck” on the clitoris once the head is placed over it. Conventional clitoral stimulators arouse the sensitive glans with vibrations of different intensities and patterns.

To be honest I couldn’t wait to give this one a try, it’s a while since I got this excited. I slipped in to my suitcase and brought it back to the UK for a good honest workout.

The Womanizer is presented in a white glossy package with dusky pink and grey artwork and self coloured text. Once the box is opened a snappy looking pink case is exposed with zip open lid which is perfect for protection of your new toy and storage. Additionally an informative User Manual and care guide, and a quick reference fold out.

Once unzipped you are presented with the Womanizer secured in a mesh retainer on one side of the box and the spare shield and USB charging cable on the other.

I plugged in the charger and a green light flashed, this switches to constant once the Womanizer is fully charged and washed the clitoral shield in anti-bac soap in eager anticipation.

Whilst this clitoral vibrator is charging you may wish to read up on the techie information below.

  • It’s fully rechargeable using the USB charging cable or with the two pinned plug provided.
  • A full charge takes up to 4 hours and provides up to 90 minutes of exquisite stimulation. ;)
  • Comes complete with a firm, zipped storage case and two silicone tips.
  • Has independent On/Off and speed settings button for quick termination of play should it be required. A great feature if you have to be stealthy with your play.
  • Sits nicely in the palm of the hand and looks very much like a modern version of the crack pipe. But don’t quote me on that. Lol

The green indicator light soon reach the constant state. Steady green for GO!

And believe me I wasted no time in snapping it up and running to the soft folds of my duvet. Stepping over a sleeping kitten on the landing I headed through the bedroom door.

Would I have enough time before his slumber broke to reach that climatic Nirvana every woman craves? I was sure as hell going to try.

My Womanizer was the distinctive deep pink with the kinky wild cat fur trim. Grrrr!

Bugger! The cat just jumped on top of the duvet next to me…

I closed my eyes, avoiding his glare and imagined myself in a warm cocoon of pleasure as I parted my legs laying my knees back on to the mattress. The perfect clitoral pleasure pose. ;)

My clitoris was now exposed as both sets of labia parted like the petals of a flower, revealing the sweet nectar releasing sepal within.

As per the instructions I placed the open ended lozenge shaped head against my clitoris and powered on with the smaller metallic button.

A loud hum ensued and the most devine of feelings was taking place between my legs along with a warm red glow from its inbuilt light. The motor of the Womanizer soon calmed as the clit vibe seated itself against me. This was good…very good…let’s try mode 2…this thing goes all the way to 5 baby!

But 2 was good…almost too good. It felt like an Angel was sucking firmly on my clitoris, at the same time flicking his tongue over my swollen glans.

Seducing me with his oral delights in a way I’ve never experienced before.

FUCK! You have to try this clitoral stimulator…NOW!

I envisioned going all the way to 5 but just couldn’t hold out. My body was wracked in the grip of orgasm and just like a bullet train there was no stopping it now.

Moments later I was squirming and bucking my way through a thoroughly enjoyable clitoral orgasm much to the surprise of my kitten who when I opened my eyes was staring quizzically at me.

Don’t tell little kitteh. Lol

I only managed to take the volume up to 2 and aspire to eventually train myself for level 5.

This clitoral stimulator surpasses my wildest fantasies about non-contact stimulation and would be the perfect treat for all level of clitoral pleasure seeking individuals. The pulses of pressure generated by the Womanizer really hit the spot. It works on Alex’s nipples too, just ask him what a buzz he got when we experimented on him with it the following night!

Did someone just shout NIPPLES? :)

Women you have been waiting for this moment…

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[Sexwomanity] Avec Womanizer, la révolution est en marche!

Je suis très contente de vous retrouver pour une nouvelle revue dans la catégorie Sexwomanity que vous semblez êtres nombreux et nombreuses à apprécier :-)

Aujourd’hui, je vous présente un sextoy nouvelle génération puisqu’il est conçu pour procurer un (ou plusieurs, c’est encore mieux) orgasmes clitoridiens sans contact direct. Oui, je sais, présenté de cette façon, c’est un peu déconcertant. Je vais donc tenter de vous expliquer cela au mieux, même si ce n’est pas tellement la technologie élaborée pour mettre ce jouet en fonction qui nous intéresse mais bien son efficacité :-) Notez qu’il est disponible en exclusivité Suisse sur le site pour la somme de CHF 219.90.-


Contrairement à la grande majorité des sextoys présents sur le marché, le Womanizer W100 ne stimule pas le clitoris par des vibrations. En fait, il ne le touche même pas! Sa technologie inédite stimule le clitoris sans contact direct, par aspirations et par des ondes de pressions finement ajustées. Avec lui, pas de sur-stimulation ou d’engourdissement causés par des vibrations trop fortes.
J’étais très intriguée par ce nouveau gadget sexuel et je dois dire que j’avais hâte de le tester et de constater les résultats qu’on lui attribue. A savoir, un orgasme atteint en moins d’une minute de stimulation, une certaine aisance à obtenir de multiples orgasmes et des sensations complètement méconnues. De bien belles promesses de plaisir en perspective, vous en conviendrez :-)
J’ai donc reçu la version rose-violet du Womanizer W100, rehaussée d’un imprimé léopard et d’un diamant rose. L’objet est girly quoique un peu kitsh à mon goût. Il existe également en noir et en d’autres coloris. De quoi satisfaire tous les goûts donc.

Il est présenté dans une belle housse noire qui permet de ranger son précieux tout en le gardant à l’abri des regards. L’appareil est doté d’une batterie à recharger; il est également livré avec trois “têtes” de rechange et est étonnamment très léger (150 grammes environ). On peut donc le manier avec confort, sans se fatiguer mais il faut éviter de le plonger dans son bain ou sous la douche puisque même s’il supporte l’humidité, il n’est pas complètement étanche.

Passons donc à mon feedback après mise à l’épreuve (teintée d’enthousiasme, de curiosité et d’un peu d’appréhension) de l’engin :-)
Malgré sa technologie nouvelle, le Womanizer W100 s’utilise, en partie, comme un sextoy classique. Je veux dire par là qu’il faut bien évidement le rapprocher au plus près de la zone clitoridienne. Et c’est là que l’originalité de ce jouet entre en action. A lieu de le poser contre le clitoris et de choisir l’intensité des vibrations, il faut légèrement écarter les petites lèvres et laisser le clitoris se faire, délicatement, “absorber” dans l’ouverture ovale de la “tête”, cela après avoir enclenché l’appareil. On maintient alors le sextoy par le manche dans la direction du haut du corps.
Vous pouvez alors varier les intensités selon vos envies et suivant les puissances qui sont multiples et qui provoquent différentes sensations en fonction de la sensibilité de cette zone, variable selon les personnes, bien évidemment.

Le premier effet ressenti est assez étrange puisqu’il n’y a réellement aucun contact direct entre l’appareil et le clitoris. En revanche, le clitoris est aspiré, comme happé – ce qui donne, je trouve – une impression de succion qui peut s’apparenter aux sensations d’une caresse buccale. Les vibrations provoquent une légère chaleur enveloppante et très agréable… puis, très vite (environ deux minutes dans mon cas), intervient l’orgasme.

Et quel orgasme! Une vague de plaisir délicieuse et assez nouvelle du point de vue du ressenti. C’est un peu comme si on vous caressait le corps sans vous toucher. Et bien, avec ce sextoy, vous atteignez l’orgasme sans que rien ne touche directement votre clitoris. C’est une expérience nouvelle, intrigante et que l’on a envie de réitérer après y avoir goûté :-)

Je suis totalement conquise par le Womanizer W100 et vous le recommande si vous voulez découvrir (ou faire découvrir) de nouvelles sensations et une nouvelle forme de plaisir. Comme tous les sextoys, il n’est pas interdit de vous en servir en présence de votre partenaire et pourquoi pas, de lui en laisser les commandes. Pour satisfaire votre curiosité, rendez-vous sur le site de !
Je veux que chacun et chacune se sente libre de commenter, de questionner, de critiquer, de témoigner…du moment que cela se fait respectueusement. Tout commentaire dérogeant à cette règle sera immédiatement supprimé. Les propos vulgaires, haineux, discriminatoires ou explicitement pornographiques seront également bannis.
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Oh wow, what a marvelous thing! I am a sexverliebte, life experienced woman of 64 years in a happy relationship, but this girl has what it takes … never thought that I could still have even more fun as much in “mature years”. I must confess that I deviated all other toys like forget. The guy forces me to explode, and this is indescribably intense, very different from anything I knew before. Outstanding !!! Review of CUTIE / (Am 10.29.2014 written)
Innovation, thank for the woman should say!
For now, I must say that I am not normally the type of some reviews let alone holding, feel free to take the trouble to write one.

But this time I have no choice.
I’ve seen the Womanizer for the first time in Hannover on the eroFame.
Attracted by the design, I went to procure the state to give me more information.
100% guarantee to pure lust etc .. Actually, what all products a promise, just this looks very different. Especially given.

Back at my booth at the fair, armed with a brochure on the Womanizer, I could not repress the thought to buy it myself.
Three years I represent there now already a state, but never made me a product so mentioned that I would even buy me extra to try it, but since many promise more than they make at the end.
Maybe it was at first the design that has made me so mad.

Well, the day was over, and of course I managed to get my Womanizer thanks to my curiosity, the same evening to the fair closes at a fair price.

Just arrived home, unpacked, and of course tried.

Short info about me, I’m 22, a normal girl, but I have a problem as relatively many others .. With the orgasm it still will not quite work.
I’m actually not jam or the like, but something keeps me from getting them ..

Yes, until then came the womanizer, and has almost forced me to a physical explosion.
There are 5 speeds, I made it just as far as the second …
Embarrassing but true, fortunately If the entry is anonymous: P
The device blew me away almost completely. It is very advantageous to use, you do not have to think big, but just press the same button to get to the climax approaching. For me seems a little early, but what can I say?
What does a woman really more?

The next day I went straight to the state and have thanked me for this terrific invention. I promise, I was not booked additionally for promotion or the like, haha, I just want the women who read this review just to show that they are with the Womanizer if they have a similar problem as me, or just the pure pleasure like to feel like, would not really go absolutely wrong, and I would put the full price on the same day at the fair counter on the table!
I can not promise anything, but say through my own experience that this device, with MIR, a small miracle has triggered in the body.
Thank you for that! Review of LL / (written on 10/10/2014)
The device is amazing!
Since you need anything else! Keeps absolutely what it promises! Review of Claudi / (Am 09.20.2014 written)
100% satisfied !!! Can I advise readers to buy !!!!
Genial !!! Used 1minute, I was already there, where every woman of dreams .Not to believe, but true .With my partner it was even better. Review of Tanzmaus / (Am 09.11.2014 written)

the MUST have one – and it is worth the money:-)

My friend has just given me the womanizer because he knew that my previous “helper” could not really help very much and I do this so far had to get an orgasm.
And the Womanizer has done it in less than 2 minutes at me – incredible !!
Who has not tried it do not believe it gets.
The best and most inspired gift that I got for a long time.
I love HIM – my friend also: – * Review of SandraF / (written on 9/11/2014)


Review for Womanizer:
The Womanizer comes in a hard case, which accommodate the charger (USB + power plug)
3 attachments (silicone (I think is good that there are 3 times should you eg change partners you always have a fresh on hand)
Otherwise is still a manual and a quick start in the packaging.
The package was well padded and the hard case protects the Womanizer also with other transports reliably.
After unpacking the womanizer we had a fever meter (think these new things with laser that measures at the forehead.) First.
Our model is satisfied that it is the light blue.
The color is very nice and also attracts one month now not attract dirt.
Load / Battery / Run Time:
So we loaded the 1st start about 6 hours then it was full.
The term was then about 120minuten at full power. However, I can not exactly take it, how long we had really used him playing one forgets all know the time here.
The battery has not lost within 1 month as expected performance and do with the money what you expect.
The interesting design of Womanizer makes sense. If it is good in the hand, is relatively easy and can also be very good operate alone. Only when the woman reaches the climax, it is possible that the targets no longer quite so easy on the clitoris.
How it works:
The Womanizer actually explained by self, silicone adapter up, turn on labia spread something that can suck clit and goes hunting for the climax.
Stage 1 is already sufficient to let go of my girlfriend really in motion at level 3 of the orgasm no waiting 3 minutes.
Level 5 felt my girlfriend for solo numbers something to Stark, in combination with sex but it was exactly the right mix to give many highlights to her.
On a scalar of 1-10 and I have given my girlfriend the Womanizer a 9.
Why a ninth
The Womanizer does what he promises.
He makes women’s hearts beat faster and the orgasms just roll over so the woman away.
We draw from the 1 point, since it must be kept relatively accurate to the point, what has proved to be extremely difficult for the woman with strong orgasms.
2, in contrast to funktionierst very well and can also lead to sparkling surprises under certain circumstances.
The price of 189 Euro is handsome. However, one must remember it is a totally new path has been opened up here and I think innovation must also something costs if the performance is right.
And the true womanizer in front and rear.

The Womanizer is in our eyes a great product, it is only important that you find your program level and previously also really takes a bit to the side the labia in order to achieve an optimal result.
Therefore, the two of us strong buy recommendation and happy hunting orgasm.
PS: Our age is between 20-25
Since I have a lot of experience together with high-quality sex toys already relatively with my girlfriend, I could not take me Let the Womanizer also times when I try.
Put on the glans, the feeling is sometimes very interesting, but not enough for a finale.
Review of Dennis / (Am 30.09.2014 written)

Brilliant and breathtaking performance with small optical defects

I got myself the fine specimen in blue. Visually, it is really nice though with some limitations. If the good piece up close you look at the falls on the snake skin look really shines and shimmers not how it actually suspected from the photos, but the effect only by the particular pressure occurs. Since I had actually expected more glamor and bling at the price. In addition, the glitter button is not very clear and you can see that the small stones inside a few small scratches has. Because maybe you should pay a bit more for the future generation on the quality of the stones. Younger Optics restrictions are but definitely made up for by the performance.
Before the first use I have of course cleaned the unit accordingly and just had to remove my clitoral hood piercing, as it otherwise would have been definitely disturbing. To get started finally, I then simply pressed the power button without any problems and then had to correctly position the Womanizer. If you have finally found the right position, everything goes very quickly. You can regulate the strength continuously over the glitter button that is very simple. But be careful, it can very quickly be pretty intense! Then simply just press the start button and the Womanizer is again in the top vibration. The feeling of orgasm is really violent and intense and I never came in such an incredibly short time on this result. The feeling itself to the clitoris is best with, compare with a vibrator when you have found the one particular point that makes a simply insane. This point is made by the Womanizer permanently and you simply can not slip like a vibrator when moving his pelvis in anticipation of the climax.
Since I could not believe the intensity and effectiveness of this thing, I’ve tested it three times today alone and was able to record three absolutely brilliant orgasms. When a vibrator is a good chance for me, unfortunately only 50%. You know it probably itself, if you just can not switch off. So I can fully recommend this toy. Who, however, is rather a slow building orgasm, here is not happy with. The Womanizer namely one can best be compared to an explosion. For me, the Womanizer even led each time to a female ejaculation. That’s been happening to me only twice before. So full marks for the performance test.
I hope you / you all had a little fun with the review and I hope that I have addressed with a few peripheral issues. Greetings rating of Missy30 / (written on 8/19/2014)

Excitingly different, versatile, incomparably exciting. In short, does what it promises to recommend unreservedly!

At first I was admittedly a bit skeptical. ‘Orgasm warranty “,” multiple orgasms “,” no over-stimulation of the clitoris “.. these are all promises that have been made many sex toys and unfortunately not met. But with the hefty price but the “Womanizer” I thought to myself that it would be pretty brave to advertise with such slogans and they ultimately can not be met. Since I’m incredibly curious and keen to experiment, I have the good part ordered me immediately to me to take a picture of his skill itself.
And what can I say: Wow! I’m really overwhelmed. The feeling that this toy is triggered .. indescribable. And by that I mean that I really lack the appropriate words to describe it adequately and accurately. That may sound a bit excessive, but any woman who only skeptical raises an eyebrow now, the sex toy should even take the self-test under the microscope. The orgasms come incredibly fast, are violent, otherwise, multiply in fact and really have addictive potential. The clitoris is actually not overexcited by the whole scenario! I could not believe it. If you have used the small pleasure bringer once, one would no longer have to do without it. I’ve only used it alone, but I can imagine very well that it can also be used in many ways in the two seed lovemaking. Even women who have trouble getting to the climax, the toy could be a great help with security. The first highlight I have already reached after less than a minute! And after a short pause, the next could not be long in coming.
The Womanizer must in my opinion be missing in any sex toy collection. A new technology that really should have tested every woman again! If you want to make a lady happy, you should press their next birthday or Christmas to Womanizer in the hand. Top! Review of half past nine / (Am 08.08.2014 written)

The Chow said in 30 seconds! Delicate suction and fulfill at Vibe 100% orgasm guarantee / Latest Love Goods (4)

The squid to the fourth round of the world’s fastest! 100% orgasm guarantee of Love made in Germany Goods
OLIVIA 21 century Love Collectibles journey Love Goods Masturbation alone etch

Last month, visited exhibition of the world’s largest Love goods “ASIA SDULT EXPO” the hottest of Love goods of OLIVIA that found in, of Germany “womanizer”.

Women for Love goods, recent years have made considerable evolution, the “sex toys” to the erotic Te obscene movement and sound, such as appearing in AV, now take a completely different form.
By the way, products claiming as “for women” are mainly aligned doubles as a four features.

.① Safety material
Goods for women is often to appeal that they are using a safe material with silicon and high-quality medical grade.
This is when you get a cheap vibe, because vinyl chloride distinctive smell and time is come out is bleeding oil was as sticky as the stand, worried that “this whether it is a safe to put in place my important?” because is to become women often.

Mucous membrane of the vagina, because you have been said to be about 40 Baikei-gawa absorption of skin, goods that are using the safety material, is conscientious products that take into account the impact on women of the body.

※ vibrator to be inserted into the vagina, let’s use by mounting the condom basically.
In addition, it is hygienically NG for the same vibrator use the insert part in both vaginal and anal.

② Quiet
Goods that appeared to AV would be better served by being the exaggerated movements and “Bu~in” “win-win” is, shine in iconic.
However, actually a woman becomes when used alone H, and “live to that might barrel to family” “sound can not concentrate on the pleasure noisy” real intention and would like to avoid those big sound comes out from the reason that.
I think the sound you can immerse yourself in pleasure as there if quiet.

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