Design & Colours

「Your Private Delight」- The design philosophy of Womanizer®. 

 With different concept between Womanizer® and normal adult toys,  Womanizer® understand orgasm experience not only about  the function, but  also the design too.

 Every woman would like to enjoy the private intimate experience. It's may  hard to have when you bring an"outstanding" shape adult toys.

 Slender & Elegant shape, More than 10 types of colours & pattens. All  these design elements make Womanizer® as a fashion item but not only  an adult toys.You don't need to keep it in secret, but you can feel free to enjoy the intimate experience in private.

 「It's about beauty. It's about Intimate. It's about Fashion」 - Womanizer®

  * Swarovski® Special Edition also be on sale.








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